C Pointers and Dynamic Memory Management - Now Open Sourced!

A project to both open source and relook my first book!

I have just received the "Reversion of Rights" from John Wiley & Sons, Inc. for my first book entitled "C Pointers and Dynamic Memory Management".  This book was very popular and received a good deal of critical acclaim.  The book contained a few original inventions like the 3-D view of memory, the "paper-computers" and the use of non-trivial (and complete) source code programs.

So, now that I have the full rights to the material (the book is now out of print).  I will post it in its entirety on this site.  However, that will not be an easy task because I currently do not have the original files that I turned into the publisher (original publisher was QED).  I wrote the book on a macintosh and have to dig that computer out of the basis and see if I can rescue the files.  Another difficulty is that the word processor was not windows so converting it from the original Macintosh files may be difficult.  Fortunately, four or five years ago I was playing around on the old macintosh (just to see what still worked) and did attempt a conversion of the files to MS-Word.  Unfortunately, the diagrams did not convert over bu the text did.  So, I currently have a very weak conversion but will start with that.

So, besides converting the text, redrawing the diagrams I also want to take some time and re-examine all the code.  Re-run it on a modern compiler and even possibly rework some of the code examples. If I get really energetic I will examine how the concepts relate to a modern C-variant language like Microsoft's C#.  So, due to all the extra work required, I will have to post and fix only 1 chapter at a time (in between all my other projects so this may take a while).  I will use this article to link to each chapter as I post it.